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We take pride in developing our projects. It's a joy to craft them and experience as they come to life from the first line of code all the way to the finishing touches. Check out our latest developments:


LumiNet - Houdini FX
LumiNet - SellFy Asset Store
LumiNet - Unreal Engine 4
LumiNet - Unity3D Engine

To date we have worked on projects for various well-known international and local companies. Our most important clients are located in: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Russia and Hungary.

About Us

What's Inside?

Level One Games specializes in managing and develop high quality solutions for small to large-scale businesses. Our services include modeling, texturing, environment creating, script integration and custom technical solution development.


5 seconds. This is how much time it takes to get an impression when visiting a website. A well-designed website can often be a game-changer for the modern business. Don’t get lost in the sea of mediocre websites; we can make your website shine - with the mobile also in mind.


We can develop your iOS, Android and Windows Mobile application. What do you have in mind? Extending an existing website, publishing content, manifesting a genius idea or to bring out the next killer game? This is a growing trend that you don’t want to be behind.


LumiNet operates a professional web hosting and cloud service to fit the needs of businesses and internet professionals alike. When speed, reliability, security and data protection is a must, you're at the right place. No wonder why some of our competitors choose us to host their clients.


Want to join the Team?

Are you good with C#, Unity3D, Unreal, Houdini FX or perhaps C++? Or are you talented with Modeling, Texturing, Art? We are always looking for talents. If you feel like your place is here, fill out our application form here.


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